1518 Coffee Shop

I often have the impression that I am walking blind in Japan since I can swear that I have walked in front of 1518 Coffee Shop in Okayama City a couple of times without ever noticing it.  Well… my wife apparently does not share my blindness and easily spotted 1518.

If you are familiar with Okayama, 1518 is located right behind the Okayama International Center.

I was heading to Onsaya coffee shop, but the sight of 1518 stopped me in my track.

Warm interior, two Oji cold dripper on the counter and nice coffee roaster in the back and big jars of coffee beans in the front.

We ordered a coffee from Brazil and Sumatra.  Both coffee were expertly prepared by a man who really knows what he is doing.

I sat at the counter to observe his every move and the attention to details is amazing at 1518.  If you want to know how to pour coffee like a pro, go to 1518.

We also ordered an apple pie which was home made and quite delicious.

The couple behind the counter were very talkative and curious to know our impressions of their coffee.

I asked them what 1518 meant and both the owner of the coffee shop and my wife could not explain it since it’s apparently a kind of funny sound association ichi go ichi hachi.  If you know what it means, please let me know.

I ended up buying a bag of coffee beans on my way out and I am pretty sure this will become a regular destination for me and my wife when we are in the city.

1518 Speciality Coffee Beans Shop



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