551 Horai

The Chinese food restaurants and counters 551 Horai or go go ichi are closely associated in my mind with the pleasure of visiting Osaka or the Kansai area. It’s pretty much a given, if I go to Osaka, I eat a 551 nikuman, but somehow I had never eaten at their flagship store in the Ebisubashi shopping arcade which is the extension of the famous Shinsaibashi-Suji.

When we got to the Honten 551 Horai a little bit before 11h AM there was already a line of people waiting at the take out counter.

If you are in hurry, you can always buy their nikuman or dumplings to eat on the spot.

We proceeded to the second floor where I quickly found out that the original store has a much elaborate menu than the counters that can be found in many department stores around the city.

We were welcomed with a nice cup of oolong tea.

I ordered the crispy noodles and some sort of Chinese omelet and rice which was 1300 yen and came with a soup.


You can choose between 3 types of noodles when you order the crispy noodles, I opted for the fatter one.

The omelet rice was really good.

My wife ordered the special Horai 551 set for 1000 yen and it came with a bunch of stuff including shrimps and small meat balls.

We ordered a single nikuman which was as delicious as the take away version. ç

We decided to try the gyoza, these had a really amazing filling and were served with a unique tasting miso sauce.

Lastly we got an order of xialongbao which are one of my favorite. I normally eat these at Din Tai Fung and the 551 Horai can  compete with the famous Taiwan version.

The service was quite good and it’s a real pleasure to finally eat at the flagship restaurant.  I can assure you that I will be back for more since 551 Horai is both affordable and delicious.

You can easily find 551 Horai all over the Kansai area including counters at Kansai airport, Kyoto Station and Kobe City  too.

551 Horai



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