A Daibo Coffee Manual by Katsuji Daibo

The name of Daibo has been a recurring theme in my discovery of coffee in Japan. Everybody told me I should visit this coffee shop.

I recently had a chance to spend some time Tokyo and I decided to go have a cup of this famous hand roasted coffee. Map in hand, I walked around the area where the coffee shop should have been located. I even asked a young policeman if I had the right address.

Right around the corner, I found an old dry cleaner and in butchered Japanese proceeded to ask the aged owner if he knew where Daibo was located.

He took me to where Daibo was once located with a nostalgic look in his eyes.  In a city constantly reinventing itself, the institution of Daibo was not there anymore and I could not drink his coffee.

I recently stumbled upon two Daibo related things online.  The first one is a great article about Daibo by Matt Goulding.

Daibo Dreamed of Coffee.


The second is a small book, A Daibo Coffee Manual by Katsuji Daibo published by NAHOKO Press.

The book is a beautiful object, probably the only book I ever owned which was printed and typesetted the old way.
The book is only 32 pages long, but it’s a glimpse in the universe of a coffee legend.  The book is 2300 yen plus shipping.


Apparently, I might have a chance in the future to drink a cup of Daibo coffee during some special events.  If you can’t make it to Japan, this book is an amazing reflection about coffee.