Aida Batlle Kilimanjaro by Square Mile Coffee Roasters

After I read about the coffee grower Aida Batlle in the New Yorker magazine special food issue of November 21, 2011, I knew I had to try her coffee.

Grinding beans and hand dripping are my new daily ritual ever since I arrived in Japan, finding some great beans is just an added bonus.

I usually favor a stronger blend like the Sumatra Mandheling, but I am slowly getting my palate to appreciate medium roasted coffee which are more complex.

After reading the article, I went on a search for a bag of her coffee. I quickly found the Square Mile Coffee Roasters which is located in London and ordered a single bag of her coffee which was 11 £ plus shipping. I received prompt service and I will order from them in the future.

So this coffee pretty much traveled from El Salvador to London and then was delivered to my office in Hiroshima Prefecture, it’s a hell of a long trip all the way to my cup!

I received the bag about a week and a half later and I brewed my first cup at home.

I am not a cupping expert, but here are my observations:  it’s a light coffee, medium roast, not too bitter, with a little bit of acidity, nice color and pretty fruity. Don’t ask me to tell you exactly which fruits, it’s a bit beyond my tasting ability.

The Aida Batlle coffee is a nice change from the stronger blend I normally go for.

If you can find a bag of her coffee somewhere, don’t hesitate and grab one. Smaller estate coffee are sometime hard to find, but in this case, it is well worth the wait.


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