Akari Nagahama Ramen

Chances are you won’t stumble upon Akari Nagahama ramen shop on your Sunday stroll unless  your idea of fun is walking around Tamashima. Akari is one of these places frequented by locals where the food is cheap, plentiful and delicious.


I usually go there for lunch and order their lunch menu which comes with ramen, chicken and rice.

The fried chicken at Akari is stellar: crispy with a simple salt and pepper seasoning.

Akari serves Nagahama ramen which is a tonkotsu style originating from Fukuoka city. Nagahama is an area in Fukuoka near the harbour and it is famous for its basic tonkotsu soup.   Simplicity is the key here.

The soup at Akari is among my favorite and a close second to the one I ate in Nagahama itself.   They have a plenty of takana and pickled ginger right next to the entrance.  They were making soup when I was there, loading boxes and boxes of pork bones in the big open pot.

I recently found out that Akari has chicken wings (tebasaki) and I went back to eat some after spending a whole week lusting for some.  They have a salt and pepper and a sauce version. The one pictured here is the sauce version.

I believed for a long time that I could never find chicken wings better than the one I ate in the chicken mecca of Miyazaki Prefecture, but I was proven wrong by the wings at Akari which were sticky and spicy.  These wings are addictive!

The restaurant is always busy, I took this picture 1 min after the 11h30 opening and about 5 min later the place was full.   Akari is worth a trip to Tamashima despite being pretty far from Shin-Kurashiki station.

Akari Nagahama Ramen

(the restaurant almost on the corner of route 429 and route 41 right next to the tax office, sorry could not find a more precise pin…)

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