Bankoku Coffee: a Coffee Roaster in Okayama

I found Bankoku coffee roaster by pure luck.  I parked my car to visit a furniture shop and I saw the bright green coffee sign in the distance.

My curiosity was rewarded by a fragrant and well stocked coffee roasting shop, the type of shop I had been dreaming about since I arrived in Japan.

Bankoku coffee is a mom and pop business.

The shop itself is not really big, but it has a good selection of beans from around the world. Some of the single origin beans are even offered in two different roasting.

It’s also the only shop in Japan I have seen so far that offers green beans for home roasting.

I’ve been to Bankoku a couple of time and I’ve always been greeted with a smile and a fresh cup of coffee to try.  The owner and his family take a lot of pride in their work and he knows a lot about coffee. If you speak Japanese, he will describe each coffee for you.

On my last visit, he took me on a tour of his roasting facility.  The size of the shop is deceptive, the roasting area is gigantic. He uses 3 roasters, a tiny 500 g, a 3 kilos and a huge Fuji Royal 30 kilos roaster. He told me he always wanted a Probat, but the Japanese made Fuji Royal does a really good job.

So far I really like the mandheling and his 2011 blend.

If you live in Okayama, you have no excuses to drink bad coffee.  Go pick up your coffee drip kit and your beans at Bankoku Coffee.   The Hario V60 filters are almost half the price, I stocked up for the next year!

Bankoku Coffee is served in  Okayama Prefecture, I’ve seen the sign outside many places.

If there is a good coffee roaster in your area, don’t hesitate to share your great find.

Bankoku Coffee

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