Betocon ramen

I finally visited ベトコンラーメン or Betocon ramen and it took about 24h for the taste of garlic to very slowly vanish.

Betocon is located in Kurashiki on route 74, a short drive from Chayamachi station.   I’ve driven countless time in front of it and always noticed how busy it is.   We got there about 20 min before the opening time of 11h30 AM and the line was already quite long.

The shop is very small and we luckily got the last three spots at the counter.

We ordered Betocon ramen which is 750 yen and fried chicken.

The fried chicken came first and it’s a huge portion.   The chicken is still on the bone and the chicken was very crispy.   Not the best fried chicken I had in Japan, but it deserve your attention if you are into fatty crispy goodness.

I ordered the miso Betocon ramen.

The Betocon ramen is very heavy on the garlic.  The soup has three cloves of roasted garlic and a couple cloves worth of sliced garlic in it.  The soup is also quite spicy.  I really enjoyed this ramen: the soup was perfect, the noodle were pretty good and the veggies complemented perfectly the ramen.

My wife ordered the shoyu which was also very good.

I will go back to try the gomoku Betocon ramen which is pretty much the same thing I ordered with a mountain of veggies on it.

Betocon ramen is an intense experience, not recommended if you need to talk to somebody for at least a day.

ベトコンラーメン Betocon ramen