Bingoya in Tamashima

Tamashima city is not high on the list of places I would recommend people to visit if they have a very short time to spend around the Kurashiki area, well, that was until I was invited to Bingoya by my sister-in-law, a  resident of Tamashima.

I’ve cycled in front of this very nice building in the past, without ever noticing it was  a ryokan and a fancy restaurant which has been in operation since 1914.  It’s located on one of the very old street of Tamashima which runs between the river and a mountain.

In the case of Bingoya, it’s really easy to miss the network of beautiful Japanese houses snaking up the mountain when you drive casually in front of it.

The Bingoya complex goes straight up the mountain.

The ryokan has 9 seperate buildings which includes a tea house and a reception hall.

This is the house where we ate dinner.

The whole complex is really pretty.

View from the top

And now for the great meal, we started with sashimi.

Nice tofu

This is the kid meal which was really awsome.  I ended up finishing the fried rice and it was good.

Eggplant with miso

Nice fish

Sesame tofu with urchin.  The urchin had a nice sweetness.

More fish with summer vegetables

Rice, soup and pickles

Pumpkin mousse

Great service despite going there with 5 very noisy kids.  You get a whole private house for yourself, so I would recommend this place for parties.  The food was really good and seasonal. They have a wide selection of menus and I believe this was one of the mid priced one.