I hesitated between ramen and burger, but the enthusiastic review of Eataku that lead me to Blacow near Ebisu station.


The restaurant is owned by a butcher shop which is always a good thing when it comes to pay a small fortune for a burger.


The restaurant itself is classy, don’t expect a greasy spoon type kind of place. The bilingual menu makes ordering an easy, yet tempting task.

The choices of topping are somehow classic: cheese, bacon, avocado, egg, etc.

I opted for the regular cheese & bacon burger which comes with fried potatoes and a pickle.

This burger is 1600 yen which is most definitely one of the most expensive burger I ever ordered. Now, for the 1600 yen question : was it worth it?

Yes! A resounding yes!

The combination of the homemade BBQ sauce, the tartar sauce, the cheese, the bacon and the painstakingly prepared beef patties are the reason why anyone in their right mind would spend this much.

The burger was so good that I wanted a second one, but I refrained myself. The sight of the empty plate was almost painful. 

If you fancy a Blacows burger on your next train ride, you can get one to go at Tokyo Station. I think that the burger is good enough to justify the trip to Ebisu.


Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Ebisunishi, 2 Chome−11