Blue Mountain Coffee Shop in Kasaoka

I have to thank the owner of Tsuji coffee in Kasaoka for sending me to Blue Mountain Coffee Shop. This coffee paradise is so well hidden in the depth of Kasaoka that I would have probably never stumbled upon it without his precious help.

I ended up there on a windy Friday afternoon and I knew right away that I would like this place.

When you walk in, the first thing that you notice is the countless coffee making equipment available for sale on the right hand side of the store.

They have it all: Kalita, Hario, Melitta, you name it, it’s there.  I actually left the shop with the super swanky Kalita copper coffee beans spoon, I simply could not resist.

On the left hand side, they have a very wide selection of freshly roasted beans.

Toward the back of the shop, there is a counter with a few chairs.

I had the best seat in the house to watch the owner pour my cup of Sumatra Mandheling. He uses a new Kalita Wave dripper which I have never tried.  I was told that he normally uses a nel drip, but he told me he was trying it out.

You can see in the background a small Fuji Royal small batch  roaster.  The big roaster is located in the back of the building in a separate room.

The Mandheling was just perfect.
While I was enjoying my coffee, I noticed this contraption which was an homemade charcoal filter.

It’s the first time I ever see such a device anywhere! I also ended up ordering a cup of Kenya coffee which was the coffee of the day.

This cup was much more rounded and complex than the Sumatra.

The owner of Blue Mountain is a real gentleman and I can only recommend you find your way to this unique coffee shop.

The shop offers green beans and and array of home roasting equipment.  The owner even gave me some good tips for home roasting.

I will  most certainly buy some beans on my next visit.

The owner of the Marugame Coffee Club interviewed him and you can see the interview here:

Blue Mountain Coffee in Kasaoka, Okayama Prefecture

Click here for a larger map

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