Boucherie Slovenia

On my first day in Montréal, I ended up at Boucherie Slovenia on St-Laurent street for lunch.   I decided to start my gastronomic journey with a sure bet, and Slovenia did not let me down.

The familiar sign which has been there since my child house was just a premise for the same old smell of meat steaming on a hot plate.

Slovenia is one of many Eastern European places in Montréal where is possible to eat exceptionally good deli meat and sausages.   The interior was unchanged since my last visit.

I watch the lady slice away my Slovenia mix (only 5$) and she turned away with a smile.

-Wow, I sliced a lot, can you eat all that?

-Oh YES!!!!

The meat was a good 10 cm high of pork and beef goodness.   Extremely messy but something you can’t miss.

Slovenia is still one of these great places that hasn’t changed much since 1978, but offers good food with a smile.  Their sausage sandwich with sauerkraut is pretty amazing too, I guess I will have to go back.

Boucherie Slovenia, 3653 St-Laurent street on the East side of the street.


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