Breizh Café Crêperie at Okayama AEON Mall

French music, French magazines, French menu, French food, oh que oui!!!   The new Breizh Café Crêperie located on the first floor of the new Aeon Mall is just like a little piece of France transplanted right in the heart of Okayama City.

French crepes and galettes are at the menu and if you never had a chance to eat the original thing in Bretagne, the Breizh Café is the second best thing.   The menu has all the classic galettes and a great selection of sweet crepes.

I ordered the C menu which is 1580 yen.
It came with a cauliflower soup.

You also get a drink.  I ordered the apple juice (I was driving), but they have great dry or sweet apple cider.

I got the classic complète with ham, cheese and egg.

The galette was made to perfection.

This is the galette from the A menu which is slightly cheaper at 1480 yen.

The dessert was a somptuous crêpe filled with apple compote and drizzled with hot caramel sauce.

Breizh Café is a great place to eat lunch.   I visited their Shinjuku shop a few years ago and I am very happy to see them in Okayama City.   The restaurant doubles as a small grocery store where you can buy French products from Britanny.

Breizh Café Crêperie at AEON Mall Okayama