Bulldog Cafe: Nyonya Cuisine in Melaka

While in Melaka, you should not miss a chance to eat Nyonya or Peranakan food. Nyonya cuisine is a mix of Chinese and Malay influences and it’s worth a taste.  We decided to give nyonya cooking a go at Bulldog Cafe which brings a stylish and modern twist on Nyonya cuisine.

Bulldog is located outside the main tourist area.  I was a bit surprised by the modern look of the place. While in Malaysia, I normally eat at places where plastic chairs are the norm. Bulldog has a definite industrial look.

We tried a few things on their menu. We started with nyonya otak which is a spicy fish paste. I’m not a fan of fish paste, but the stuff was good.

The second thing we tried was the nyonya popiah which is like a buritto in a soft crepe.

The main dish was ayam limau perut which is a spicy coconut based chicken curry. Nyonya cuisine in the Melaka area is heavy on the coconut.

We got an order of chap chai which are nyonya veggies.

We ended our meal with a nyonya laksa, probably the most emblematic nyonya dish. We were give an option of noodles and they just offered to mix it up for us. Their laksa was SPICY!

We drank calamansi juice with our meal.  For some odd reason, my tiny son loved this stuff. He kept making faces and drinking.

Bulldog cafe turned out to be a great place to eat nyonya food. The menu was hard to understand, but the staff was very patient at explaining every items on the menu.

Bulldog Cafe

145, Jalan Bendahara