Cafe d’Esprit

Cafe d’Esprit is a coffee shop and a coffee roaster which was recommended to me by a fellow Okayama coffee lover.

I visited Cafe d’Esprit on a  Sunday and I was happy to find a bright and spacious coffee shop a little bit outside of the center of Okayama on route 27.

Cafe d’Esprit might is not centrally located, but could easily be reached by bicycle.

The coffee shop itself looks really good, so good that it almost feel like a stage.

Forget the old and dusty corner coffee shop, Cafe d’Esprit has beautiful tables, a dramatic entrance and the feeling that many design ideas are somehow conflicting but not to the point where they are  clashing.

Cafe d’Esprit is very close to be kitsch, but kitsch with really good taste.

I ordered a cake set which was a bit more than 700 yen.  I chose the chocolate cake and the strong blend.

The cake was good and the coffee was perfectly brewed using a nel drip.

The menu had many single origin coffees including a geisha, but the house blend was a good start.

Service was great and I am curious to try their coffees which are a bit expensive, but might be worth the price.

If you need to sit and relax a bit, Cafe d’Esprit might be worth the trip.

Cafe d’Esprit 


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