Café et Restaurant Vingt-Cinq Kurashiki

When I left home this Saturday for a dinner with my family in Kurashiki, I didn’t really know where I was going.  Let’s call this a culinary blind date and Restaurant  Vingt-Cinq which means “25”  in French turned out to be an awsome date.

The restaurant is brand new and looks like an old house with a modern interior.

The first floor is splitted in a restaurant section and a café section.

Nice view of the garden.

The restaurant side is all white linen and nice furniture.

All the men at the table ordered the 6000 yen menu and all the women got the 4000 yen menu.

The amuse bouche was a small piece of marinated salmon, a fava bean cold soup and a brick with shrimp.

The next hors d’oeuvre was scallop sashimi, crab meat, raw ham with thin slices of courgette.

The women hors d’oeuvre was a bit more simple, but they had a great rilette.

Home made bread

Our second hors d’oeuvre was foie gras and what an amazing piece of foie gras.

The soup was a vichyssoise Okayama style with small chunks of peach in it. Ingenious and delicious.

The fish course for the man was a nice shrimp with a shrimp sauce.

The women got a piece of sea bream with a pesto sauce.

The entremet was a yuzu sherbert.

For the meat course, we got a nice piece of wagyu steak.

The women got veal and it was really good.

The first dessert was a blanc manger

The main dessert was two slivers of cheese cake, fruits and litchi jelly.

The coffee was made in a siphon using UCC beans.

The meal turned out to be a great success and the service was very friendly and professional.

I got to meet Tomoyoshi Yokota, the CEO and head chef of Vingt-Cinq who worked with Paul Bocuse in France. Chef Yokota spent 6 years in France and he spoke to me in very elegant French.   He is a native of Okayama and comes every week to visit his new restaurant.   The main branch of Vingt-Cinq is located in Osaka.

Restaurant Vingt-Cinq is a great place and they offer an amazing menu at a really decent price.  I would be happy to spend 6000 yen anytime. If you need to celebrate, I think that Vingt-Cinq should be on your list.

The café part opens early and offers breakfast, I will try it out!

The restaurant is located just outside the historic center.


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