Cafe Gewa, a second impression

I ended up going back to Cafe Gewa twice in the last few weeks since I wanted to try their coffee made with the shinny Synesso espresso machine.

On my second visit, I was welcomed very warmly by what seem to be the owner who answered by “Oui mon chou” when I ordered a cafe latte.

Being a French speaker, you can imagine how funny this sounded.

The cafe latte was served in a small carafe which an interesting twist on the traditional latte.  The carafe was thick enough to be comfortable to handle.

It’s a good latte, but the carafe creates an odd sipping dynamic which makes me wonder if this whole carafe thing is necessary. It’s still a very good latte even if it’s a bit weak for my taste.

The whole standing bar concept might be the demise of this very fine coffee shop. On my third visit, I took my wife and she simply could understand why she had to stand and told me she would never go back even if  Cafe Gewa has good coffee.

While I am happy to drink their really good drip coffee, I simply don’t feel like standing up eating. The location simply does not entail this set up, this is not a super busy soba shop in the middle of Tokyo with a line snaking around the building.

Let me know what you think, should Cafe Gewa get chairs?

Cafe Gewa



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