Café Gewa: First Impressions

By Luc Gougeon

Café Gewa which is located in the Hayashi Genjuro building is so new, it looks like an ad for Architectural Digest despite having an hand written sign which looks like a cheap white board…

The café is on the corner of the Kurashiki Design Market.

The café has an oval standing bar with a small kitchen in the center, a pour over coffee/ drink station and shiny Synesso espresso machine facing the entrance.

Since I had just eaten at the Cono Foresta Pizzeria, I simply ordered a drip coffee.

The coffee was hand dripped in a in a nel drip by somebody who seem to know what he was doing.   The coffee itself was very rich and strong.

While drinking a decent cup of coffee, I observed this new café and noted how everything was incredibly new.  No second hand equipment in a space which looks like a half done building  since the walls are unfinished ply wood and concrete.

The overall impression of this industrial chic is coldness, Café Gewa was borderline uninviting despite the fact that I normally love these industrial lofty kind of places.

There is no doubt that I will go back to see how well they can use the Synesso espresso machine, but I doubt the whole “eating standing up” is necessary in a place like Kurashiki.  The standing counters are making sense in places like Tokyo or Paris where you grab a bite on the go, but when I go to the Bikan area, I like to relax.

Like the title of this post says, this is a first impression.  I will go back pretty soon, but in the meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to share your impressions of this new café.   If you try the food, please let me know.

Café Gewa


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