Cafe Kona Queens in Seoul

It was a very cold January day when I spotted Cafe Kona Queens on the nice Samcheong Dong street. I will be honest, I wish I would have never looked into this direction.

I confess, I am a sucker for shiny modern buildings and if you add rough concrete, modern wooden furniture and a big ass coffee roaster, you probably hooked me in and god I was a big dumb fish for this one.

This is the coffee roaster that caught me eye.   Looks so good in it’s dedicated room.

The coffee counter looked even better!

Look at it closely, it has everything!  It’s a drip coffee, siphon, cold drip wet dream. All the best equipment was on this counter.

So I ordered two drip coffees and climbed to the beautiful second floor.

It has a great view of Samcheong street too!

It’s cute, comfy, warm and cosy.  Look, it’s the perfect place!

And then…

The coffee… can I really call this coffee.    It was the worse brewed coffee I have ever drank in my life.  Expensive, weak beyond anything I could imagine and just heart breaking. When you see such a great looking shop, you have expectations… and they were shattered to bits.

The design firm behing this place is much better than the coffee they serve. this site gives you an idea of the effort that was put into the design of this coffee shop.

Avoid this place at all cost.   Maybe I was very unlucky and got a rookie barista, if so, I encourage the owner to invite me and convince me this is not the worse coffee shop in the universe.  It’s such a shame to have  an amazing coffee shop and serve such dish water.

Cafe Kona Queens


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