Cafe Rosso

Cafe Rosso was recommended to me 4 years ago by a fellow Canadian who lived in Yasugi and I am thankful until this day that she let me in on this coffee heaven.

Cafe Rosso is pretty much a world class coffee shop located in the most unlikely place on route 9 between Yonago and Matsue, so if you are in Shimane Prefecture.

Hiroyuki Kadowaki , the owner, coffee book author, roaster and barista at Cafe Rosso, did a hell of a good job to bring amazing coffee to this isolated part of Japan. Shimane Prefecture is beautiful, but it’s easy to feel remote from the rest of Japan since there is no Shinkensen or major highways linking Shimane. Cafe Rosso is about a 2h30 to 3h drive from my home.

I have been to Cafe Rosso maybe 6 or 7 times in the last 4 years and I am still amazed at the mastery that goes behind the cappucinos and the cafe latte.

The owner participated in the world barista championship.

Drawing a bear with foam is cute, but beyond the cute, there is so really well roasted beans.

Roasting is done on site using a shinny Probat roaster. Cafe Rosso has expended lately in the coffee beans business and we regularly order online from them.  Their new renovated shop is now half coffee shop, half shopping area.

The coffee shop is not really big and you now need to order and pay before you sit down. I have never waited, but the place is always busy.

My current favorites are the Sumatra Mandheling and the Ethiopia Harrar which I brew at home. Shipping is very fast and they seem to roast their coffee on a regular basis.

Shimane is a great place to visit and Cafe Rosso is  the cherry on top.   The shop is not open on Sunday, so plan accordingly.

Cafe Rosso


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