Cafe and Shop & Things @ Nap Village

Nap Village and the & Things cafe are located in Kibichuo on the narrow road 484.  I recently ended up in Kibichuo to pick up some blueberries and buy some cheese at the famous Yoshida farm. When it came to eat lunch, I remembered that & Things was no far from Yoshida farm.

& Things is part of a small complex of buildings housing a design company, a renovated school and a tent-shop.

The restaurant is right on the right from the road.

They had vegetable soup and cassoulet on the menu.

It’s somehow of a self service restaurant.

The Cassoulet was quite tasty.

Couscous is a rare sight in Japan.

Apparently the bread is from Tottori.

Great chicken

The view from our table

We finished the meal with a coffee which turned out really delicious.

Drip station

The cafe looks good

It has a small terrace

The old renovated school

The store

Nice decor and store

While the food was actually delicious, I found the food to be way overpriced for what it was. The fact that everything was served in disposable dishes came a bit of a shock when you can get a pretty amazing meal for that price in a sit down restaurant. The meal came down to a bit less than 4,000 yen for two.

& Things at Nap Village