Cafe St-Henri at Jean-Talon Market

I stumbled on Cafe St-Henri when I visited the Jean-Talon market. This is a satellite of the original cafe St-Henri located on rue Notre-Dame.

Cafe St-Henri from the outside.

Jean-Talon market is one of the prettiest market in Montreal and his a must for tourist and locals.

View from inside the shop

Cafe St-Henri can be found on the South-East border of the market.   It’s located in a gorgeous renovated building.  

 The space is wide and open with exquisite decoration.  The original Cafe St-Henri has a warm woody feel and this shop is more pure white tiles.

If you are a sucker for good space design, Cafe St-Henri is the place for you. Cafe St-Henri is one of the most popular local roaster and we decided to order a drip coffee and an espresso.

Two islands: coffee display and drip coffee making.

The espresso was flawless.   


The drip coffee was prepared on some kind of cyberpunk contraption.  

I was offered a Kalita Wave since the Chemex is only available for 2 cups or more.   The automated coffee maker is controlled by a tablet.

 Call it whatever you want, it’s nothing like an hand drip coffee, it’s just a glorified coffee maker.   

Drip coffee

The cup we drank was very average, it lacked character.  The result was a bit weak, drinkable, but nothing memorable.


While the coffee shop is beautiful, Cafe St-Henri made me think about the human factor in making coffee.   There is no logic in offering a Kalita Wave or a Chemex if you let an application do the work for you.    

Kalita Wave

While I understand the need to quickly crank out the orders when there is a rush, they should seriously consider trading the robot for a simple pouring kettle when things are a bit slower.   

Nice coffee poster

Please visit Cafe St-Henri for the design porn and enjoy their espresso drinks.  I have yet to find a drip coffee I like.  The coffee is on the lighter side of roasting of course.   If it’s your thing, you might just be in heaven.  

Café Saint-Henri Marché Jean-Talon

260 Place du Marche du Nord, Montréal