Café Un deux comme chez vous

Café Un deux comme chez vous opens only 12 days a month and I still don’t understand why after going there twice in the same weekend.    If you don’t speak French, Un deux comme chez vous means “One Two Like your Home”  and the place is indeed very homey.  The name might be as weird as the opening hours but after eating their cake, I could not care less.

The café is located on the outskirt of Kurashiki in a really old house, it’s not easiest place to find, but it’s worth it.

The interior of the café is all old furniture and antique looking stuff.

The interior is kept pretty dark with very interesting lighting.

The main theme of Un Deux seem to be France and Paris with a wide collection of Eiffel towers and books about Paris.

The place is tiny and it’s a tight squeeze.  Forget big groups, you simply won’t fit in.

The kitchen is also a tiny affair but there is a lot of good thing coming out of it. It’s all home made and their scone which we bought on our way out were good.

NY Cheese cake

Apple pie

Chocolate cake

Pecan pie

I drank 2 coffees, one was from Peru and the other one was from Sumatra .

Both were really nice pour over and the beans were roasted at CafeRico which is located not too far. I have never been to Cafe Rico, but it’s now on my list.

Café Un deux comme chez vous is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. I know that it’s only open 12 days of month, but I will make sure to try to sneak in a visit in that tiny window.

Café Un deux comme chez vous



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One thought on “Café Un deux comme chez vous”

  1. Very nice café! I just love the eclectic furniture and style of it.. Moreover the cakes just seem to be sinful
    If ever I pay you a visit, let me treat you to an afternoon snack !

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