Caféteria Restaurant in Yonago

Finding Caféteria was a great surprise, it’s an odd ball hiding in plain sight, a restaurant that could belong to any big city, yet it’s located in tiny Yonago.

Yonago is a small city in Tottori Prefecture which is sandwiched between Mount Daisen and the Sea of Japan. Yonago is not a big city and it’s mostly a place where people take the train to Sakaiminato, a town famous for it’s street lined up with bronze statues inspired by Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro manga characters.

I’ve been to Yonago many times in the past few years, I always go there on my way to some other places, but I was surprised to find a couple interesting shops in the old shopping arcade.  On one of my last trip, I visited a shop called Land & Years which sells soaps, beauty products, bread, cheese cakes and imported food. The bread turned out to be from a great bakery in Tottori city and I even found some great priced French sea salt.

On our way out, my wife noticed a menu and we realized that their was a restaurant on the second floor.

Caféteria is a modern and spacious restaurant. The restaurant occupies the whole second floor and a part of the third floor.  There is a nice skylight in the middle of the restaurant and an open kitchen and bar in the back.

I’ve eaten there twice, the first time around, we only ate dessert and the second we ate the lunch menu.

The dessert menu has a lot of cheese cakes and other good things.  We ordered the cake set.

My wife had the pumpkin cheese cake which was not my favorite, but the taste was pretty good.

My wife drank a tea from Mariage  Frères which is one of my all time favorite and generally very expensive in Japan.

I ordered the semi-freddo cheese cake with berry sauce and a cafe latte. Half frozen cheese cake is the way to go!

We were both impressed enough by the sweets to actually come back for lunch on a second visit. I ordered the 1800 yen set menu.

The lunch menu was composed of a salad three ways as a starter.

The set menu comes with a really nice basket of bread.  It’s all you can eat bread!

The first course was spaghetti with a cream sauce and Daisen bacon. This is really good bacon, the kind of bacon I wish I could eat more often.

The second course was pork served in a Staub. The pork was tender and served with Daisen vegetables. The mustard sauce was the perfect complement for this simple dish.  Mount Daisen is famous for it’s vegetables and I now know why.

I ended this meal with a nice tiramisu and a cup of Mariage Frères  tea.

Caféteria is definitly worth the trip.  We also found out that there is a second restaurant called The Park which located is located a mere 5 min walk away and it’s stylish restaurant with a nice terrace in the back. We only had coffee there, but I will probably go back for a meal one of these day.

Who knew that you could eat in style in Yonago, go and find out for yourself.


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