Caffè in Gamba

Caffè in Gamba has been in the Mile End for a couple of years, but I tried it for the first time on this short visit to Montréal.

The Mile End area has tons of coffee shops and my go to place has always been Café Olimpico on St-Viateur, but I am always curious to try a new place.

Caffè in Gamba is pretty much a modern kitschy twist on the traditional Italian espresso joint.

When I walked in, I immediately noticed a whole orchard of glowing MacBook Pro, I guess it’s the weird symbol of this new tribe of techno nomad coffee drinkers.

The café itself looks like it was decorated by an old Italian lady on crack, nothing like a red velvet couch to make you happy to be sipping a cappuccino.

I was impressed by the selection of coffee which was available; Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, St-Henri coffee.  I am not used to have such a varied selection of coffee in Japan, it’s almost like going to a wine cave.

I ordered a latte and it was made with Intelligentsia Black Cat   blend which turned out pretty tasty. It’s hard to judge a coffee shop with a sole latte, but the barista did a good job.

Caffè in Gamba is interesting interpretation of the traditional Italian coffee shop.

I don’t think you need a MacBook Pro to enjoy your coffee, but if you don’t have one, you might look suspicious…

Caffè in Gamba   5263, Avenue du Parc


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