Caffe Italia

By Luc Gougeon
Caffè Italia is some sort of weird anchor with reality. After year of absence from Montreal, it felt like an old familiar place despite the fact it had been renovated. It was thrill to bring my wife there. Caffè Italia is an happy place in my mind.

I have been to Caffè Italia so many times despite the fact I use to live quite far from Little Italy. I would go there on my way to Jean-Talon market or on one of my long bike ride around town.  I would lock my bike right in front of the shop and pop in for a quick cafe latte.

I doubt I was ever considered a regular, but in my dream, I would love to become a regular in such a place. Go there in the morning, read the paper, chat with the other regulars.

I ordered a cafe latte which was exactly as I remembered. Sorry for the picture, I was holding a baby in my arm.

Forget the hipster stuff.  This is the stuff I want when I am thinking of a latte. Memories are often connected with smell and taste.  Over the year, I had a lot of difficulties shaking away this memory.

I simply could not resist ordering a sandwich.

I ordered the mortadella on a ciabatta. How can a sandwich be so good?

Caffè Italia is a classic.  If you visit Montreal, you need to go there. I discovered San Simeon which is around the corner on this trip, but Caffè Italia will always hold a special place in my heart.

Here is a good story about the place from the Montreal Gazette.   (Click here)

Caffè Italia

6840 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal