Caffe Verdi

Caffe Verdi is a little bit out of the way but you get the distinct feeling when you get there that it’s actually a place for the locals to enjoy a really good cup of coffee. Kyoto is packed with coffee shops and among all these choices, I decided to go for the one that was among the highest ranked on the  “tabelog” website.

Fortunately, Caffe Verdi lived up to the expectations. Everything seem to be a bit more sophisticated in Kyoto and Caffe Verdi is no exception, the place looks really good.

Caffe Verdi offers an extensive list of single origin beans which are roasted in the back of the shop.

We went there for breakfast, but their version of breakfast might sound very minimalist for most people. They have 3 set menus, one is just toast, the second one is 4 types of bread and the third one is toast and a simple salad. Please notice that jam is extra, but after seeing my wife and her family eat just a piece of buttered toast for breakfast, this does not seem  out of the ordinary.  So don’t go there if you are expecting a gargantuan breakfast.

I ordered the 4 pieces of bread with the Italian blend.  The bread were rye, regular white bread, cheese bread and raisin and nuts bread. My coffee was perfectly brewed and delicious.

The lady at the pouring station even told us that our coffee would be at around 82 degrees.  They obviously know what they are doing and if you like coffee as much as I do, you will appreciate the attention to details.

My wife got the toast  and the Verdi blend.  Her toast was simply PERFECT, seriously, I have never a toast this well toasted in my life.  The maniacal toasting at Caffe Verdi is worth the visit alone.

Caffe Verdi is a great little coffee shop where they don’t cut corners, everything is done perfectly.  I will go back to try their single origin beans on my next visit to Kyoto. Definitely worth the detour.

Caffe Verdi


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2 thoughts on “Caffe Verdi”

  1. I tried Caffe Verdi today upon your recommendation. We tried the “regular” toast, though there’s nothing regular about them. We also had the variety toast with honey. We loved the Toast, atmosphere and attention to detail, but also discovering the residential area between the café and the subway station. Thanks!

    1. I am happy you enjoyed! The area near Caffe Verdi is really nice. The Shimogamo shrine just down the street is really worth a visit if you have a chance.

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