Canal Café

Canal Café was recommended to be by the owner of Café Rico Roastery  and it turned out to be a nice little café located just outside the center of Okayama City.

The café is located on the ground floor of a small apartment building and it has a couple parking places. It’s also not too far from Hokaiin station.

The café itself is very nice and modern.

We ordered a coffee and left the owner to choose one.  The beans are all roasted at Café Rico Roastery so we already know the flavour profile.  He opted for a Brazilian coffee.

Good coffee and prepare a bit strong like we asked

My wife ordered the scones which came with home made jam and cream cheese.  The cream cheese was a great idea!

I ordered the cheese cake

The food at Canal Café looked really good, but we had already ate when we got there.

It’s a great little café if you happen to be in the area and it felt like they are very passionate by what they are doing.  I wanted to talk with the owner, but the place was just too busy and the counter seat was already occupied.

It’s also a good place to try Café Rico beans. If you have ever eaten lunch there, just let me know how it was.

Café Canal

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