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Reading Blood, Bones & Butter in Japan

I’ve been in Japan for 4 years and my tiny window on the outside foodie world has been a constant source of day dreaming about meals I can’t possibly eat.   Blood, Bones & Butter written by the American chef Gabrielle Hamilton falls into this category of sweet foodie torture since I can’t possibly eat at Prune, her restaurant in NYC.

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Lucky Peach #2 review

The Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Lucky Peach which is titled  The Sweet Spot explores in many ways the fine margin between unripeness and rot, good taste and bad taste, too early or too late. I don’t know if it should be called food existentialism, but David Chang and his collaborators are raising some really interesting questions.

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Kansha: Vegetarian Cooking in Japan

Let me start by saying that I am not a vegetarian, but I am very interested in vegan and vegetarian cooking.  I actually eat a lot of meat and it’s probably why this book interested me so much in the first place.

Kansha was written by the Japanese food specialist Elizabeth Andoh  and it is my first vegetarian cookbook.   Washoku, her previous book, dealt with fish and meat.

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