Café Un deux comme chez vous

Café Un deux comme chez vous opens only 12 days a month and I still don’t understand why after going there twice in the same weekend.    If you don’t speak French, Un deux comme chez vous means “One Two Like your Home”  and the place is indeed very homey.  The name might be as weird as the opening hours but after eating their cake, I could not care less.

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Shittora Korean Restaurant

Tamashima is right across the river from where I live and when I heard about Shittora, a Korean restaurant, I didn’t wait too long to go and try it.  I always appreciate when I get suggestions online and this one turned out to be a good one.

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Kurashiki Krispy Kreme/ CLOSED


WARNING: This post has nothing to do with Japanese food. But if you like to indulge in sugary guilty pleasures, please keep reading.

It’s official!!   Krispy Kreme has opened his first donuts shop in the new Ario Kurashiki shopping center in front of Kurashiki Station.

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