Cathay Mee Stall in Ipoh

Cathay Mee Goreng stall is a couple minutes from the center of the new town.

Mee Goreng is yellow fried noodles  similar to Japanese yakisoba but it is  spicy with a bunch of crunchy bits.

The small stall shares a space with a cafe where we ordered two lime juices and two plates of mee goreng.

The lime juice was good and had a weird brownish cube in it.  I have no ideas what that brown thing was. I think it’s dry plum, maybe…

The small stall is quite popular and we had to wait about 15 min for our meal. The lady at the stall spoke English and was brought us our food with a smile. It’s my first mee goreng and it was worth the walk.

Cathay Mee Stall 

97 Jalan Yang Kalsom, Ipoh, Malaysia