Chat Orange: Banh Mi in Kurashiki

On my way back from the Bikan historical area of Kurashiki, I stumbled upon Chat Orange,  a tiny little shop selling banh mi, bagel and hot wine. The combination might be a little bit odd,however, I ordered a banh mi out of pure curiosity.

If you are not familiar with banh mi, it’s a vietnamese sandwich. The real stuff is simply amazing.

My wife talked to the owner of this new shop and she told her that she discovered the joy of banh mi in Ho Chi Minh and decided to open a small shop in Kurashiki.    She spoke English and was very friendly.

The banh mi itself is one of the closest thing to a vietnamese banh mi I have tasted in Japan. Almost all the ingredients were in there: cilantro,  pickled daikon and carrot, egg, ham, pâté and vietnamese hot sauce. One banh mi is 500 yen.

She warmed the bread which is not the kind of bread you would find in Vietnam.  Vietnamese bread is to die for, but is pretty rare outside of the country.

There is a small counter where you can enjoy your sandwich, but it was a bit cold for it in the middle of January.

If you miss or you have never tried a banh mi, please visit Chat Orange which is located on the main street in front of Kurashiki Station. I am so glad somebody opened a banh mi shop in my hometown.

Chat Orange

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