Chatei Hatou, Tokyo

Chatei Hatou (茶亭羽當) is one of these coffee shop that keeps popping up in the coffee press.  The shop is only a few minutes away from the iconic Shibuya crossing.

You could easily walk by this shop without ever stopping, but you would miss something.     The first thing that caught my eye was the long wooden counter.

If you have a chance to visit Chatei Hatou, please sit at the counter, it’s the best place to observe some great coffee making. While they offer the demi tasse, I opted for a regular Sumatra which is brewed in a Kalita dripper.

The final result was a good well balanced cup of coffee.

I went to Chatei Hatou after visiting Dominique Ansel and I need to go back to try more of their coffee and desserts.

The coffee shop has an L shape.  There are some tables in the back.

I spent my time at Chatei Hatou chatting with a very nice couple from California. While sitting at the counter, I saw an impressive cafe latte preparation.

If you want to try the coffee shop which inspired James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee, carve a few minutes and make the short hop from Shibuya station.

Chatei Hatou (茶亭羽當)

Address: 1 Chome-15-19 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002
Hours: 11AM–11:30PM