Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur

Chow Kit is the largest fresh market in Kuala Lumpur and it’s easily accessible from Chow Kit station. Visiting a market is often the highlight of exploring a new city and Chow Kit offers a glimpse into the unique taste of Malaysian cuisine.

I could see the market from the window of the residence where we stayed and it looked like a long and skinny market. It’s a short walk from the Chow Kit monorail station.   If you arrive from Chow Kit station, you will first encounter the fruit and vegetable section.

The goal of our visit was to buy a bunch of fruits and we were amazed by the quality and the low prices. Prices are clear and the vendors were offering us to taste anything we wanted. They are pushy, yet respectful.

We bought some jackfruit.

Cool beans which I had in Japan before

Stuff I wish I could learn how to cook with.

I think this is a banana flower

Hot peppers

Fishes.  Some of the fishes were still alive.

The meat section might be a bit too much if you are not into open air slaughtering. Open air butchering has a very characteristic smell which can be repulsive for sensitive noses.

Yellow chickens


More fruits just outside the market

The Petronas towers from the market, our residence was the third from the right. The market is really not far.

Chow Kit Market