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Finding an address in Japan is difficult at the best of time, but finding Coffee Club in Marugame proved to be an epic drive complicated by the fact that there were two route 205 running parallel to each other. Beyond this major urban planning faux pas, Coffee Club is well worth driving around in circle for 30 min.

Marugame is located on the island of Shikoku right off the Seto Bridge and if you are driving toward Shikoku, it’s literally on the right hand side, just look for the weird looking goldish colored tower.  It has a pretty castle and it’s home to the famous Marugame chicken which is a reason in itself to make the journey.

Coffee Club is not exactly in the center of the city, it’s on the outer edge of Marugame, but it now ranks really high on my list of coffee shop for the exceptional coffee and service I had there.

When I walked into Coffee Club, I first noticed the roaster on the left and the barrels of green beans waiting to be roasted.

The interior is all wood floor and super homey, got to love a comfortable no bullshit coffee shop.

The service counter in the back is where the magic happens. There is a nice espresso machine and a set up to make cold drip coffee which I believed at first to be an Oji coffee dripper, but it turns out to be a Kalita coffee dripper.

We decided to visit Coffee Club after my wife found out online that they had both Kopi Luwak and Geisha La Esmeralda coffee for sale. If you are not a coffee lover, these two of the rarest coffee in the world.

We sat right at the counter where the owner hand dripped our coffee. His set up is nothing like I have ever seen before:  the coffee filter his held by some kind of filter holder made with metal wires which is held in some long coffee pot.

His attention to details is amazing and the result speaks for itself, the coffee was stellar.

The Kopi Luwak was complex and well rounded. I expected the coffee to taste like Vietnamese weasel coffee, but this was another ball game.  I can appreciate the rarity of this coffee, but I am not ready to pay 3500 yen for 100g!!

The second coffee we tried was the Geisha La Esmeralda from Panama and this coffee was much more to my taste. This coffee is legendary and the owner told us he paid  one million yen to acquire a big bag of it.   The Geisha is a complex coffee combining a complex bitterness with fruity undertone. My coffee palate is slowly growing and I am happy I had a chance to try this unique coffee.   I am not gonna bullshit you by describing it with a slew of fruity words, but it was mighty good.

I finished with an Ethiopian Moka, but ended up buying a bag of Geisha for a little bit under 2000 yen for 100g.   This is not cheap, but it’s the price to pay for a grand cru. It’s coffee like no other I have tried and I can’t wait to brew it myself. I also ended up buying his unique filter holder for a mere 600 yen, yeah for one more brewing method.

The owner of Coffee Club is passionate and offers coffee roasting seminars which is exactly what I need. It was a real pleasure to talk with him and you can enjoy his coffee by ordering it online if Marugame if you don’t intend to visit Marugame.

I live right across the bridge and if the bridge toll was not so high, I would probably visit this shop on a regular basis.

I am looking forward to see which great bean the owner of Coffee Club will roast.

Who is your favorite coffee roaster?

Coffee Club 

The Google map is not too precise.  There is two route 205 and the coffee shop is located on the old 205 which runs parallel to the new one.  Turn at the gas station on the map.

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