Coffee Smart Kyoto

Coffee Smart which is located on Teramachi in the center of Kyoto is brilliantly frozen in the past. If you can’t find a time machine, well you could always drink a cup of coffee at Coffee Smart, an establishment that goes back to 1932.

Coffee drinking in Japan is serious business and Coffee Smart falls into the category of well preserved kissaten , a living museum dedicated to the love of strong coffee, simple food and cigarette.

The place is a reminder of another era and I am pretty sure it will stay that way until the building does into ruins.

I ordered the Coffee Smart blend which has that particular “Japanese coffee taste”, a bit bitter, strong and probably a tad over roasted.

It’s a very particular taste which might not be the best taste, but I don’t expect anything else from an old kissaten.

In a country with brilliant coffee roaster, drinking a cup at Coffee Smart is pretty much paying tribute to the pioneers. Coffee smart has a really nice Probat roaster in the entrance and every cup is brewed with a nel drip which are for sell.

Coffee Smart should definitely be on your list of places of places to visit if you want to appreciate a really kissaten in Kyoto.

I didn’t try the food at Coffee Smart since I was heading for lunch.  Their hot cake looked pretty delicious.

There are many old coffee shops in Kyoto, if you know a good one, please don’t hesitate to recommend one.

Coffee Smart

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