Coffee to Hito

珈琲と人 or Coffee to Hito (coffee and people)  is a beautiful coffee shop located in Soja not too far from Kokubunji temple.   I have ridden my bike, ran and drove my car in front of it for the past 8 years without never noticing it.

The coffee shop which is an old Japanese house is a bit hard to see from the main road.

When went there on a Friday and the place was packed. The restaurant has two parkings.

The main entrance of this very large house.

We took our 3 months old baby with us and the offered us a private tatami room in the back of the restaurant.

The also provided us with a really nice bouncer chair for the baby.

The lunch menu had 3 choices, but we both ordered the soba with duck.

The lunch menu was a little bit North of 1000 yen.

The duck was pretty good.  Nice spices and veggies.

For an extra 400 yen, we ordered the cake set. My wife got the excellent caramel cheese cake.

I got the apple pie.

The coffee was from Cafe Rico, my go to roaster in Okayama.

Coffee to Hito did an amazing job at renovating this old Japanese house.

They had an old coffee roaster as decoration which I would love to have at home.

They also have a Japanese style room.

The kitchen

Coffee to Hito is a nice coffee shop and restaurant for anybody visiting Soja or the Kokubunji temple which is only a few minutes away.  If you visit Soja by train, it’s pretty far from the station.

珈琲と人 Coffee to Hito


Kid friendly 10/10