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CoMA coffee was suggested to me by a fellow Okayama resident and it was a nice discovery. The sign in front of CoMa says The Cafe of Modern Apartment and it does strangely feel like you are drinking your coffee in a fancy living room.

This second floor cafe is located right across the Okayama Symphonic orchestra (this is where the Maruzen bookstore is located). The entrance to the cafe is located in the back of the building, just follow the arrows.

I sat by the window counter and it has a very nice view.

The shop has a few tables, a long counter and half of the cafe is actually a small store selling coffee beans and books.

CoMA offers a bunch of single origin coffees and the coffee of the day is only 300 yen.   I ordered a pour over coffee, but it’s possible to order a french press for the same price.

I don’t remember exactly which coffee I drank but it wasn’t bad at all.   My only criticism about CoMA is about the decision to serve their coffee in a paper cup. If I am going to sit down and enjoy a good single origin coffee, I want a damn cup.  It’s like drinking a fine wine in a plastic cup.  Call me a coffee snob, but I like drinking my coffee in a real cup.

The owner was not very talkative on this first visit, so I have no idea where the beans are roasted.

CoMa is a modern cafe and great spot place to read a book and enjoy some people watching.   I will certainly go back, one more coffee option in Okayama.



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  1. Hi there! Just a quick comment to thank you for your blog, it is a great help ! Probably spent more than 30 minutes looking at all your cafés advices haha. Really great posts, thanks a lot and keep up the great work 😀

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