Coutume Cafe Osaka

Coutume Cafe, the coffee shop which originated in Paris in 2010, has landed in the depth of the Osaka underground city.   It was a nostalgic visit, since I lived in Paris a few years ago, way before the arrival of the first Starbucks or anything ressembling the new Parisian third wave.

Coutume is located inside the Diamor underground shopping area which is located pretty much right across from Osaka station. It’s an odd location for such a nice coffee shop, but I guess that once you figure out how to get there, you can appreciated not being subjected to the hot Osaka summer weather.

The coffee shop is bright and the staff was very helpful, one of the barista even spoke decent English. The extraction menu is a mix of Japanese, English and French.

Being a sucker for any new ways to make coffee, I opted for the steampunk method which uses the Alpha Dominche coffee brewer.

This computer controlled contraption is pretty much a siphon on crack.

You also have the option of an Hario V60 hand pour, but since I can do this one at home, steampunk it is!

Nice Synesso machine, but no time to try the espresso.

I forgot to write down exactly which coffee I had, most definitely an African coffee, but it was bright and not too acid. This coffee rekindled my interest for lighter roasting and I will most certainly stop there on my next visit to Osaka.

Coutume Cafe Osaka

Located inside the Diamor underground shopping center.

大阪府大阪市北区梅田1丁目 大阪駅前ダイヤモンド地下街1号