Dai-Ichi Asahi Ramen in Kyoto

In a town famous for kaiseki and fancy food, Dai-Ichi Asahi ramen is a popular ramen shop with the locals and it’s conveniently located only a few minutes from JR Kyoto station.

The shop was recommended by a Kyoto friend and it is a nice alternative to the ramen alley located inside the Kyoto station if you want a cheap meal with a bit of local colors.

Two ramen shops are located side by side, Asahi has the yellow awning.  Apparently the shop next to it is also very good.

I ordered the standard ramen which is a very simple shoyu taste ramen with straight noodles which are slightly thicker than regular noodles.

The ramen is topped with a lot of green onions.   The soup is simple and the taste of the base is not overpowered by tare.

I also ordered gyoza which were pretty good.

There is not much to say, the service was  jovial, the place was full and the ramen tasted good.  Dai-Ichi Asahi offers a very traditional ramen in a town deeply rooted in traditions. If you can’t read Japanese, they have a menu in English.

If you are incline to spice up your soup, there is flakes of hot peppers on the counter and a delicious hot pepper paste.

Head to Asahi ramen if you are looking for a cheap meal away from the tourist traps.

Dai-Ichi Asahi Ramen


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