Daisen G Beer

Mt Daisen in Tottori Prefecture is a pretty imposing mountain with it’s 1739 m, but the purpose of my trip to this sleeping volcano was not to climb it, but instead to drink myself silly  at Daisen G Beer micro brewery.

Daisen G Beer brewery is located on the steep slope of Daisen a couple minutes from the famous Miruku no Sato dairy farm.

The Gambarius Bier Hof restaurant is housed in a kitschy German Alps inspired building.  The owner  of  Daisen G Beer decided honor the great German beer garden tradition and it  is the perfect setting for an Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest at Daisen G Beer is held between October 1st to December 18th and you can hardly find a better deal with an all you can drink priced at 1050 yen.  Yes, only 1050 yen for a nomihodai with no time limit.

This vast  restaurant offers a great view of Daisen on one side, but we choose to sit on the opposite side where we could see Yonago city and the Sea of Japan.

The interior is all wood and bricks with a bar in one corner and the beautiful copper beer boiler in the other corner right next to the entrance.

When you order the nomihodai, they bring you a nice 300 ml frosty glass and you go by yourself to the bar where you can order any of the six beers offered on tap. I am sure that you figured out by now that I tried all six beers.

I started with the Weisen which was all you can expect from a weisen: fruity taste and refreshing.

The second beer was the Daisen Gold which is brewed with the local Daisen hop.

The third one was a pilsner which I am certain is popular since it’s the closest to normal Japanese beer.

The fourth beer was a pale ale which was surprisingly bitter.

The fifth was the Weihen hop

And the last beer was the stout which was a bit sweet and weaker than a pint of Guinness. It’s not a deep and dark stout.

Of all six, the pale ale was clearly my favorite and I did order a second glass of it just to be sure.

Japanese people always eat while they drink and the food which was on the pricey side turns out to be delicious.

We ordered the Daisen sausages which are made by a local business.  You could almost believe you are in Germany.

We also ordered a succulent duck breast salad ( guys, I forgot to take a pic of it!!)

Our third dish was some prociutto and some gorgonzola cheese on some bread.

I would have eaten more if I wasn’t so full from my huge lunch.  The food was simple, well prepared and apart from the pizza and pasta, I wanted to try everything.

Daisen G Beer Oktoberfest is a blessing since micro brewery beers are often very pricey in Japan.

You can purchase all their beer to bring home.  I bought a bottle of barley wine and an imperial stout which I haven’t tried yet.

Yonago is the closest station to Daisen G Beer. October is a great time to visit Daisen and view the Fall colors.

I a pretty sure this Oktoberfest will become a yearly pilgrimage.

Where is your favorite place to drink beer in Japan?   Do you have a favorite micro brewery?

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