Dantotsu Ramen Revisit : New and Improved

Dantotsu ramen moved two doors down the same street and the good taste followed along. Dantotsu is my guilty pleasure and I was glad to see it in a brand new location.  This is my second review, you can read the original here.

If you are not familiar with Dantotsu,  expect a big line of people waiting to gorge themselves with fat noodles.

The menu is the same and the skulls are a warning about not  ordering the biggest portion if you can’t stomach it. The portions are generous and the richness of the soup is heart clogging.

I ordered a medium size ramen with an extra portion of pork. When you order, they will ask you how you want your noodles: noodle hardness, fat, garlic, taste and amount of vegetable.   You can pile the veggies very high at no extra cost.

The noodles have a great bite.

When you walk in, order your ramen and patiently wait. They have occasional special menu, but the regular ramen seem to be the most popular item on their menu.

As you can see, this is a very busy place.  Don’t expect to waltz in and don’t ever linger, if you are done, just get the hell out.

If you know any other delicious shop in Okayama, send your suggestions my way.


open 11h30 AM (expect a line forming really early)