Dantotsu ramen

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After a day, I still have a lingering taste of garlic in my mouth and the feeling that I might have put a serious dent into my recent good eating behavior and this all thanks to a guy name Brian.

Brian had spoken highly of Dantotsu ramen which is located a few hundred meters from Okayama station and it took almost a month for him to take me there and I can still hardly believe how good it was.

The shop is tiny and busy.  We only had to wait a couple minutes, but once I was done slurping my soup, there was a long line of people waiting for a seat.

Dantotsu in Japanese means “the best” and I think that this shop might be way up there with the best when it comes to provide an addictive/rich/unhealthy/delicious bowl of ramen.

You order by the gram at Dantotsu and the 200g portion that I got was plenty.

Vegetable topping is also offered free of charge and they will ask you how high you want the pile to be.  I had the regular portion and it was plenty for this first experience.   I also ordered extra meat which was a very generous serving of succulent pork.

The noodles are hand made and they have a really nice bite.

It’s a great ramen experience that reminded me of ramen Jiro in Tokyo.    It’s rich, heavy and very tasty.

Dantotsu is most definitely on my list of great Okayama ramen shop.

Please make sure you go there on an empty stomach. If you are a big eater, their largest portion is 450g which is half a kilo, can you stomach this?

Dantotsu ramen


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