Date Ramen and Katsudon

Deep fried pork and ramen at Date are a minimalist statement of porky goodness. This tiny restaurant in Okayama city does only two things, but they are really good at it.

The restaurant seem to always be packed and people are often seen lining up in front of it which is always a good sign. I always sit up at the counter when I go to Date and I recommend it if you can’t sit up on the floor.

The katsudon or breaded deep fried pork on rice is fried to order. The man behind the fryer knows his stuff, it’s a pleasure to watch him cook.

The sauce which could be considered the signature of Date is rich and dark. It’s obviously meat based and it looks like it has been boiling for the last 20 years.

I know it sounds crazy, but it might be possible since it’s not uncommon for some restaurant in Japan to have an ever boiling pot which is topped daily with fresh ingredients.

The pork is tender, crispy and the portion is quite generous.

The ramen has a simple shoyu taste.  A classic take with some really nice noodles. I am not sure if I go there for the pork or the ramen, but both are good enough on their own.

You can order a small combo for 1000 yen or the large combo for 1200 yen.

The lady behind the counter who is in charge of the ramen is really funny.  If she isn’t too busy, she is very chatty and will try her best English on you.

My wife doesn’t like this restaurant and according to her there is something with the sauce that makes it perfectly suited for the taste buds of men, but offends her delicate palate.

If you like pork, you got to try the Date katsudon and please let me know what you think about the sauce.  I can put my finger on what makes it so special.


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