Dominique Ansel Tokyo

I guess the theme of this recent visit to Tokyo was popular cult food from New York City and it doesn’t get more cultish that the Cronuts.  (croissant+donuts)

The line at Dominique Ansel which is located in the posh Ometesando area of Tokyo wasn’t as massive as the one I faced at Shake Shack, but it was impressive never the less.    


Dominique Ansel bakery has a general bakery on the first floor and a proper restaurant on the second floor. After inquiring, I found out that the Cronuts was only available on the first floor, hence the big line.   

The line was actually quite fun since I had a chance to talk with a very nice Tokyo foodie in my very broken Japanese.    

Once inside, I was faced with the eternal dilemma of not being able to order everything I want to try. Stomach space is somehow limited when you are by yourself.    

I ended up ordering 3 items.  

The first was a sakura flavor cronut.   Dominique Ansel changes the taste monthly.

The cronuts turned out to be good, but I somehow expected something more.   I don’t know how to put it.   Maybe it’s the sakura flavor which is probably not my #1 choice.   

The second thing which I ordered was the frozen smore.

The smore is roasted with a torch.   

This one blew my mind in comparaison with the cronut.  The burned marshmellow taste, the branch which stuck out of this smore.   The combination of flavors.  This is Proustian delight.   


The last thing I ordered were 3 canellés to go which I ate at home with my wife.
The  canellés were good.

The Dominique Ansel bakery is a beauty of a shop and a great place to experience great sweets.   Despite the line, I am pretty sure to become a repeat customers since they were just to many thing to try in one go.

I also found out that it’s a fun place to strike a conversation.   Tokyo has tons and tons of amazing pastry shops, but the Frozen smore won me over.

If you have a favorite Tokyo sweet shop, don’t hesite to share it with me in the comments bellow or drop me a line on twitter @lucgougeon

Dominique Ansel