Drift Magazine #2 Tokyo: Review

By Luc Gougeon

Drift Magazine is a new magazine about coffee originating from NYC which I found out about on Sprudge a while ago. I missed a chance to read their first New York issue, but I ordered the second one knowing that it would be about Tokyo.

(Drift #2 in my garden)

The quality of this magazine easily justifies the 24$ sale price, it’s  a richly illustrated thing of beauty. Ordering it in Japan is certainly costly, but the shipping was prompt and it was well packaged.

The team behind Drift: Adam Goldberg, Elyssa Goldberg and Daniela Velasco did an amazing job at capturing the complex essence of the Japanese coffee culture.

For example, Cafe de l’Ambre, which I visited a few years ago, is very well described.

The interview with the owners of Blue Bottle and Bear Pond Espresso were both a great read and I certainly hope I can visit these stores soon.

This very Tokyo-centric issue reminded me that despite the fact I have been living in Japan for almost a decade, Tokyo is quite far from Okayama Prefecture if you don’t have a specific reason to go there.   It’s easy to believe that Japan is a small island, but I personally spend way more time travelling to Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka or Fukuoka than Tokyo.

I certainly hope that Drift will work on a all Japan issue since there are so many amazing coffee artisans all over the country.

Looking forward to read the next issue since reading Drift almost justifies  being a coffee otaku …