Eating Vietnam, Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table BOOK REVIEW

By Luc Gougeon

As I recently came back from my third trip to Vietnam, I read Graham Holliday’s Eating Vietnam with a certain amount of street food nostalgia. If you never been to Vietnam, you need to read this book, if you have been, read it anyway.

Picture from Harper Collins

Graham Holliday is the cool writer behind the blog Noodlepie which is well worth a read. His books is mostly about Hanoi and Saigon street food scene.

If like me, you enjoy going on the Anthony Bourdain food trail, Graham Holliday was the trail blazer. Anthony Bourdain ended up publishing Holliday at Ecco Anthony Bourdain which is an imprint of Harper Collins.

Eating street food anywhere can’t be a daunting experience and I just love his descriptions of what can be considered good street food in Vietnam.

During my three visits, I ended up visiting a few places mentionned in the book including the amazingly well lived Pho Thin in Hanoi which remained one of our favorite food moment in Hanoi.

I also visited Pho Hoa on Pasteur street and  Banh Xeo 46A which is still just as amazing despite the recent kitchen upgrades.

While reading Eating Vietnam,  I felt some kind of kindred spirit toward Mr Holliday since we seem to share the same hobby and the same purpose in life.  Japan remains an amazing food destination, but it does lack the noisy and chaotic atmosphere of Vietnam.

Eating Vietnam might not be for everyone, since many will never have the courage to go beyond the walls of well established restaurants.

I’ll go back to planning my next trip.

Graham HollidayEating Vietnam, Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table

Harper Collins 2015, Anthony Bourdain Imprint.


You can order the book here if you are in the US.