Elvis Pon: The King of Pon

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch watching TV with your family and suddenly, the roar of a motorbike and the music of Elvis Presley gets everyone attention.  In my area of Kurashiki, the music of Elvis Presley means only one thing: pongashi.

Pongashi is a simple snack made with rice and sugar.

It might look like Krispy Rice squares, but I can promise you, pongashi is made in a much more explosive way.

I think I need to introduce Elvis Pon.

Elvis Pon goes around Kurashiki on a custom made pongashi motorbike rig.

The pongashi bike is a model of minimalism and efficiency.

Like I said, you bring your own ingredients.

The magic takes place inside this pressurized roaster which is similar to a coffee roaster.

The cage on the right hand side catches the exploding rice.  The puff in puffed rice is created by releasing the pressure of the roaster.

Sugar is melted.

After the explosion.  The rice and the sugar are mixed together.   In our case, we asked for hard pongashi which means the whole thing is pounded into a block or a big puck.

The puck is than sliced into small pieces and transfered to a plastic bag.  The whole operation takes about 15 min and the Pongashi King is a really interesting man to talk with.

I spotted the history of his bike.

If you ever hear Elvis Presley in your area.  Run outside with your rice and sugar for a unique snack.

If you want to see in details how it is done, please watch the video that I shot.