Fall menu at Yanagi in Niimi

I visited Yanagi in Niimi city for a second time to try the Fall menu or to be precise, the October menu since the chef changes the lunch menu every month.

You can read about the summer menu at Yanagi here.  Niimi is about an 90 min drive from Kurashiki and it was a pleasure to see the changing color leaves.

Let’s jump right in with the amuse bouche.  Root vegetables marinated in yogurt and miso. Small shimeji mushroom pudding, a porc terrine and some super sweet grapes which were grilled and we topped with cheese.

Just a great combination!

It was followed by a fish terrine.

Hakusai soup with freshly baked campagne bread.

Glorious Chiya beef with aged parmegiano and a blueberry sauce.

My wife had the salmon with a spinach sauce.

This French meal was followed with soba made with newly harvested buckwheat.   We ordered the special shimeji sero soba for an extra 150 yen and it was oh my god good. The dipping sauce is hot and filled with mushrooms and welsh onions.

We ended the meal with a sweet potato pie covered in apple sauce served with a mysterious homemade popo ice cream. Popo was described as an exotic fruit.

Another amazing meal at Yanagi and we want to try the four seasons.    Reservation is recommended since they only have 3 tables.  It’s a great deal with the lunch menu which was a bit more than 3000 yen per person.