Foh San Restoran

Foh San is a mega sized dim sum restaurant in the heart of new Ipoh. It’s very popular and very crowded.

We got there a bit later than I expected, but we still got some tasty choices.  I strongly recommend that you go there early for breakfast since dim sum is more of a breakfast food than a lunch food.

Once you get a table, you will be given a card where they keep the score of what you order and it’s open hunting season for all kind of delicious bites.

There was no menu, but the staff was super friendly and helpful. They would come to our table and asked if we wanted different type of food.  The staff knew that we had no ideas, so they suggested the popular items to us.

The lack of menu means I can’t identify most of the things I ate.

Dim sum is generally really expensive in Japan, so I went a bit crazy.  I have yet to find something I didn’t like.   It’s pretty much the perfect point and eat experience.

Everything was delicious and if I ever go back to Ipoh, I will be there very early !

Foh San Restoran

51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam