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Ramen ( Ivan is the only foreign ramen chef in Japan)

Japanese food and drink

Food outside Japan (One of my favorite restaurant from Montreal, my home town.) For my NYC friends who want to eat good MTL bagels  Interesting food maps

Cooking equipment

Global Knives (I have 4 of these)


NYT Coffee Topic page

Cafe Rosso :  Amazing place in Shimane Prefecture

NYT article about coffee in Japan

Friends of Foodie Topography JS is a great web adviser.   My web guru friend.

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2 thoughts on “Foodie links”

  1. so, hello! I used to live and work in Okayama City and if you like burgers, you must try Trendy Burgers right outside of the Trend Import Store. If you were on hwy 2, it is the turn off to the left, opposite of the Tsutaya…yummy goodness!! Also near Tenmaya in Okayama shi there is a good burger shop called Cozzys. I highly recommend both!!
    Another one that is decent is called Rocco Burger!! Not as good as Cozzys but it is up there too!!

    1. Thanks, I’ve tried the burger at Cozzys, really good. I’ve been to Trend a bunch of times, but I have never tried their burger.

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